Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friends – Here’s How to Buy Them Online

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that’s in the title dozens of times already. After all, women lose their beauty, their style, their elegance and their fashion after a while… but diamonds and gemstones stay the same way for all eternity. At least that’s what the song or scientists would have us believe. :)

But where you can buy these precious stones or diamond stone if you want to surprise your loved one or give them to a special women in your life?

Best Diamond Sites

Or better yet, if you’re a girl or lady and want to surprise yourself with a new “best friend”, where can you buy diamonds online?

There are a number of options, first of all I would recommend that you research the corresponding Wikipedia article before doing anything.

There are so many things you should be aware of when shopping fine jewelry online, that Wikipedia can save you from a lot of trouble along the way.

With that said, it would be wise to know where you can find high quality and legitimate, certified jewelry, and where you should not go to stay out of trouble.

Of course you can find many sites that are selling diamonds and gemstones by doing a simple search at Google.

You can also find many legitimate sites by researching on Facebook and finding the right pages with many likes. 

Generally, Facebook Pages on Jewelry that have at least 1000 likes are trustworthy and you can rest assured that they have enough social proof to be a legitimate company.

The perfect examples of such legitimate diamond selling stores online are:

If you buy anything from any of these retailers, you can be sure that all your diamonds will come with a guarantee and that you’ll find the best prices and the highest quality stones in the world.

Diamonds by Carat Size and the 4 C Rule

If you’re an experienced jewelry buyer, you must know what the four C letter rules are of diamonds:

  1. Clarity
  2. Carat
  3. Cut
  4. Color

If you’re not experienced enough about the subject, you can learn more about this by reading this guidebook.

They list the most important things you should pay attention to when buying anything online, and they also give very clear instructions on what makes a diamond really worthwhile and beautiful.


Also, you can see how the most legitimate and trustworthy sellers price their stones, so that you can always make a right guess when you see the price of an item on sale.

Additional Resources

Don’t worry if you think there’s still a steep learning curve ahead of you when it comes to telling the difference between diamonds and fake stones. I collected for you below the most trustworthy places on the net that talk about this topic:


These two resources will give you more than enough information to be able to find the right pieces and gemstones to buy on the internet, whether you shop for yourself or your loved one (an  engagement ring for example).

Using Hair Pieces for Women to Prevent Hair Loss and Follow Hairstyle Fashion

In this article you’ll find out how to wear hair pieces for women and why they are so good in the fight against hair loss and to help you make your hairstyle fashionable easily and for cheap.


Just think about it: hair pieces and other wig style beauty items are the prefect cure against appearing bald. If for example you start to notice that your hair is falling out at certain places or spots on your head, don’t worry. Simply buy the right type of hair accessories to conceal the baldness and you’re good to go.

Your new synthetic hair will not appear unnatural at all, since nowadays the right industries manage to make totally authentic wigs and hair pieces. How cool is that. There really is no downside or disadvantages to donning hair extensions, so forget about your old limiting beliefs that only old or “crazy” stalker people wear wigs and give them a try.

Hair Pieces vs. Hair Loss Video on YouTube

So I hope you liked these tutorials on how to wear hair pieces for women. If you need more instructions just keep reading…

Anyway, my cat used to have this problem one day that his hair and fur was falling out, so I recommended him to try hair pieces and his fur almost totally grew back by itself. Not a bad achievement for a cat who couldn’t care less about fashion, beauty, hairstyles or all that meaningless stuff only women worry about who have nothing else to do and just want to look good and attractive for the opposites (i.e.: men).

The Proper Way to Dress in Hair Pieces for Women

Not only that, but many women also make the mistake of wearing hairpieces the wrong way. There is a right and a wrong way to use these beauty elements, and not knowing the difference can cause huge problems.

I recommend you search YouTube for videos on “how to put on hair pieces” before trying on anything new, as this simple action could save you from a lot of public embarrassment and wrong way to put on hair extensions.

Buy Hairpieces Online for Cheap Prices

Attention: good news. Hair accessories are not expensive and meant only for the highest parts of society. Instead, anyone can have access to them at rock-bottom prices. These are one of the cheapest products of the fashion and beauty industry, so we recommend you go onto Amazon or and start browsing their vast selection of quality products and wigs right away.

Common Myths Regarding Fake Eyelashes and Extensions

Have you never tried fake eyelashes before but you feel like right now is the time to give them a go?

Have you seen falsies that didn’t require an eyelash glue or adhesive?

Are you wondering where you can buy fake lashes and where you could buy the necessary glue for them?

You’re questioning yourself how to put on or apply fake lashes?

Watch this video for more information and a simple step by step instructional slide.

It will also show you how long you can wear natural eyelashes and how long false eyelashes can hold on.

Not only that, but this video and this article will also help you find out how much fake lashes cost and how you can get them off once you’ve worn them for long enough time. But that’s not all: you’ll also find instructions on how to wear make up and how to use your eye liner and mascara to make your lashes blend perfectly in with your overall-style and face so that they are virtually undetectable.

Fake Eyelashes and Girls

Fake Eyelashes and Girls


Also, in case you’re worried, don’t be: fake lashes won’t fall out by themsvels and they certainly won’t make your natural lashes fall out one by one, individually. This is just a common misconception, but it holds no truth whatsoever.

Boost Your Fashion Factor by Using Eyelash Extensions Synthetically

Most women always wonder and ask us whether we recommend they use these beauty objects or not. We always tell them the same answer: try them (they’re very cheap), and see how you like them. If you think they’re a very valuable and powerful tool in your arsenal of things to conquer men’s thoughts with, then by all means leave them be.

However, even if you’ll come to the conclusion that you don’t prefer using falsies, at least you won’t have to always wonder and spend time thinking about whether you should invest into these items or not. You’ll be able to sleep relaxed and calm at night, know in that you’ve done all in your capabilities to look as fashionable and beautiful as you could… now the rest is not up to you.

And finally, we’d like to reassure you that there won’t be health consequences of wearing these things. The worst that can happen i s some small allergic reactions to the eyelash glue, but that could always happen if you use make up or mascara, so overall you have nothing to worry about, but you can expect to look 10 times as beautiful and fashionable WITH false lashes than without.

How to Look Good In Minutes By Wearing Wigs for Women

Hey everyone, this post is gonna be a bit controversial, since instead of promoting beauty salons and beauty services, we’d like to inform you that you don’t necessarily have to visit beauty parlors and venues in order to look fashionable and good.

What’s more, you don’t even have to “waste” so much time and money sitting in a salon and chatting with your hair dresses while he or she does their job.

Instead, you can check out these wigs for black women and select the style and fashion you’d like to wear. Then all you have to do is put it on your head and you’re ready for the big occasion.

Wearing wigs is

  • cheaper
  • faster
  • more convenient

than getting a new hairstyle done every time you go to a party or event.

Why do we promote wigs when we’d like you to go to beauty salons?

Simple: wigs help YOU look as good as you deserve to look even if you can’t afford a beauty salon or parlor’s high costs. And unfortunately many women are “suffering” from the “not enough money to spend on my looks” syndrome, so wigs can be a perfect alternative to give you an “unfair” advantage over those who have a ton of money to spend on cosmetics, hairdressers, clothes and so on.

So again, be sure to visit and choose the wigs you like the best (they have all kinds of wigs: long, short, black, pink, straight, curly, cheap, fashionable etc…)


So thanks a lot for reading today’s post and be sure to tell all you friends about our site for listing the highest quality and most popular beauty salons for women from all over the world.


How to Start a Beauty Salon for Women (Wikipedia Approved)

According to Wikipedia’s entry on Beauty Salons for Women, a beauty parlor is meant to make both men and women look better, care for their body and health.

That is certainly true, but this website is focusing primarily on women, and more important, this article will help you start your own beauty salon.

The very first decision you have to make is to decide how much money you’re willing to invest into all the

  • equipment,
  • the advertising,
  • the marketing of the beauty salon around town
  • and on the internet to reach a global audience and so on…

Depending on your decision, starting your own beauty parlor for women (or men) can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000, so if you wouldn’t like to get indebted without first validating your business idea (e.x.: making money off of women who need cosmetics services), you should start small in your local area and only grow to a bigger budget once you have at least 10-15 regular, paying customers.

Starting Your Own Beauty Salon – The Next Steps

Actually, this is very important: you have to decide where you want to install your beauty salon. If you don’t choose an area where a lot of wealthy women pass by in their day-to-day life, you’ll have a very hard time attracting the right beauty salon clients. That’s why we recommend you choose a very high-traffic place, like next to a mall or supermarket.

Beauty Salon for Women

Beauty Salon for Women

Also, make sure you don’t try to do everything by yourself. For example if you’re gonna be offering multiple services (face care, hair care, massages), hire trained people to help you out. Offering wrong services and doing everything by yourself is the easiest way to scare off customers who think your salon is a mess and will never return.

Finally, keep in mind to always treat customer like you wanted to be treated at a beauty salon: welcome them, keep the place clean, don’t ignore them, and don’t make them wait for too long.

This way you can ensure that your parlor will be a popular one and that you’ll be able to make women who attend look as fashionable and elegant as they want to!