5 Instances When You Should See an Orthopedic Specialist


Have you ever seen an orthopedic specialist? You might not know what an orthopedic surgeon does, but there are times when they can really make a positive impact on aching joints and muscles. Here are just a few occasions when it may be a good idea to make an appointment with an orthopedic in Atlanta. 

 After an Injury

The most obvious time you may have to see an orthopedic specialist in Atlanta is after an accident. It could be something obvious like a hard fall, or something relatively minor like an ankle sprain after stepping off a curb. Having your joints treated by a professional will offer you both short-term relief, and prevent the kind of long-term impact that could have a detrimental effect on your quality of life

 Chronic Pain

Sometimes you will suffer an injury and not have any idea you’ve done so. Perhaps you lifted something incorrectly or tore a ligament sneezing (it happens). While you might not be able to identify the moment you became injured, significant pain of any kind is a clear sign that something’s wrong, and you should see a specialist. 

3. Poor Range of Motion

Some kinds of pain can come on so gradually, you might not even notice them. People who’ve suffered injuries will change the way they walk, sit, sleep, and perform daily functions in order to avoid pain, or because they’re simply unable to do those things the way they used to. If you’ve noticed your behavior changing due to a limited range of motion, you’re only putting off the inevitable by not seeing an orthopedic surgeon.

4. Poor Quality of Life

There are several ways injuries can make your life worse. You might not be able to play sports or be active the way you used to. You might have trouble sleeping, or your appetite could be affected. You might even turn to self-medication. So you’ll need to address problems like these before they get any worse. 

5. When You Need a Checkup

If you’ve had orthopedic issues sometime in the past, you should see your orthopedist for a checkup. Perhaps it’s been a couple of years since you’ve had a procedure or some joint pain as returned. Either way, seeing your orthopedic specialist any time you have an issue is a good idea just in case.

If you’re suffering from pain — or think you should see your orthopedic in Atlanta for any reason — there’s no reason to delay. The quicker you can make an appointment, the quicker you can receive treatment. 

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