An effective flower essence for anxiety and acute panic. Eases feelings of fear, worry, and dread.


Fear is important for survival and yet it is perhaps one of the most destructive emotions we can experience. Often trust or logic can be displaced and colored by this powerful emotion. When we are in the moment and experiencing fear, the choices we have seem to simplify resulting in the desire to flee or fight. After the fact, we realize that we could have survived without resorting to irrational fear. However, it’s much harder to deal with terror and panic when it intensifies.
The flower essence remedy Fearfulness™ can diminish many sources of acute anxiety such as fear of the dark, being attacked, aging and dying, being alone or abandoned, becoming ill, accidents, fear of heights, drowning, going crazy, or simply losing and having no control over life.
This flower essence remedy helps those who consistently fear life or who feel panicked or terrified about specific situations. Fearfulness™ has been used successfully to relieve many phobias, often aiding in an individual coming to terms with certain subdued emotions.
In her new book, The Backseat Flyer, Nina Anderson writes “My favorite remedy is extracted from flowers. It works in seconds, right in the middle of a panic attack and stops it cold. The combination flower remedy tincture that I use is called Fearfulness™”. As a pilot of more than thirty years, Ms. Anderson developed a fear of flying in her menopausal years, and only this product has worked every time for her. She recommends Fearfulness™ to anyone, who is afraid of flying.
“Your ‘Fearfulness’ remedy is the most powerful essence I have ever found. Please keep up the good work, as you are needed more than ever…Thanks so much.”
Nature has provided a wealth of naturally occurring options for every ailment. We at Alternative Health Networks believe that anyone can naturally ease pain, reduce weight, stress, and anxiety through these naturally occurring holistic supplements. With over thirty years of experience, we can offer natural health choices for a wide range of problems with excellent results. Even soon to be parents can support a safe and natural pregnancy using flower essences and herbal remedy treatments. We offer you hundreds of alternative health programs by combining our 90 products that work on the mind as well as the body. Additionally, each health program can be customized by you, for your entire family. It is our commitment that your satisfaction is the number one priority. We guarantee it!

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