Best Gift Ideas for Capricorns


Capricorns are determined, ambitious and hard-working. They pursue a career that they are passionate about. The best Capricorn traits are they like to have gifts that are practical and useful. Buy things that are simple, beautiful and functional. They spend most of the time in office, so giving them something they can use on their desk would be nice. They love simple things like nice pieces of jewellery, a soft wool sweater or the best-seller book about self-improvement. If you are confused about what to offer them on a special event, you must read on. Given here are some great gift ideas for Capricorns:

Planner personalization kit

This planner personalization kit is a good way to add a bit of fun to the strict calendar. The kit has a to-do list, erase markers, foil tape, paper clips, sticker sheet and a lovely pouch. They’ll be excited to use the planner and become more disciplined. 

Photo display set

A nice photo display set will readily perk up the office desk. It can be used at home as well. It can have family pictures or those of colleagues. Why not make the set memorable one by adding pictures of dear ones. 

Yoga cards

After a long hectic day, the Capricorn needs time to relax. They may be too busy to join yoga classes. So, it’s a good idea to offer them cards to practice yoga at home. 

Yoga mat

Time for meditation and some stretching, a yoga mat is a highly practical gift for the intellectual and health-conscious Capricorn. 


Buy a pashmina or wool scarf for your Capricorn to make her feel special. Choose a neutral shade that is compatible with any colour of a dress. It’s classy and simple but trendy. 

Laptop case cover

Why not give Capricorn a stylish case cover that will serve a dual purpose. It will protect against scratches and also add to the overall beauty. It’s easy to set it and remove it. This is a useful accessory that will make Capricorn happy. 

Coffee mug

Another great gift item for the busy Capricorn is a nice mug. Choose from a vast range of colours and patterns. It’s really useful and will remind of your love every time steaming coffee is enjoyed in it.  


It’s good to stay organized with a business card holder on the desk. Nothing will be messy if it’s used to keep all business cards in it. 


Capricorn likes classic and timeless jewellery designs. A pearl necklace can be the best gift for her. It can be silver or golden, depending upon the choice. 

Zodiac bracelet

The zodiac bracelet is beautiful and appealing to the eyes. It’s a nice accessory for any event. Choose the best style and design. 

Designer watch

Because Capricorns are punctual, a watch is a wonderful gift for them. Buy their favourite brand to make it more special. 


A trendy pair of sunglasses is a cool gift. Choose from a variety of frames.  

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