How to Avoid Back Pain While Moving Heavy Things


Getting back pain while doing a stressful job that involves lifting, bending, sitting in one place for a long, is quite normal. It can affect your movement and your daily routine. There are some tips that you can use to avoid back pain. 

How to Avoid Back Pain

Back pain can occur while lifting a heavy object or bending a lot. To avoid this, you need to understand your spine. 

  • While lifting heavy things, make surethat your legs are bent. Bending your legs will help in getting the right posture. 
  • Support the item with your leg while standing up with it. 
  • Always keep the item above your waist level. This will put less pressure on your back. 
  • Avoid putting the item on your head. Heavy items,if put over the head,puta lot of pressure on the spine, which in turn initiates the back pain.
  • Put more strain on your body and less on your back.
  • Try to push heavy items instead of trying to pull them. Pulling uses more back muscles and creates tension in these muscles.
  • Use lifting machines wherever possible.
  • Keep your posture right at all times. 
  • Try not to sit or stand for too long. 

How to Cure Back Pain?

You should consult a doctor, in case you are suffering from back pain for long. Unattended back pain can lead to severe spinal damage leading to various kinds of illnesses related to the spine. 

  • In the case of back pain, make sure that you are resting well and in the right positions. However, it should not exceed more than threedays. Being on the bed for long can increase your pain, so rest for a limited period.
  • Continue with light exercises such as walking,which help in keeping your posture right and in turn, keeps your back straight. 
  • Always keep your postures right. The back can have more pressure if you sit, stand or sleep in the wrong posture and it can lead to back pains. 
  • If the back pain continues for long, then make sure to visit a doctor. The doctor will diagnose the root of your back pain and accordingly suggest treatment. For lower back pain, the doctor may suggest physiotherapy as lower back pain treatment.
  • You can also do cold and hot fermentation to reduce any swelling or pain. 
  • Make sure that you always sleep straight. Sleeping in a curved position or a slanting manner can lead to back pain. 
  • You can also go for yoga or other meditative treatments that can reduce the stress in your back muscles.

Taking necessary precautionsor getting the right treatment by consulting a spine specialist will help you keep your back and spine strong and healthy. Do not ignore your back pain as it may lead to serious illness. Treat your back with respect and not put pressure on it for a healthy life.

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