Fighting Anxiety and Stress alone – Modern ERA’s Problem.


In this modern era, technology has made our lives relentless, comparing it from past generations. It has made our lives so trouble-free that everything is just one click away from us. However, it raises a question about how the use of smartphones impacts our stress and anxiety level.  Researchers believe that people have become so much dependent on social media, receiving messages, checking tweets, and the moment they didn’t receive one, Anxiety develops, leading to an increase in their stress level. Technology has made us distant from our families too that we don’t even bother to share our problems with them. Apart from this, other reasons that could be the cause of anxiety and stress are relationship problems, financial stress, or any accident that took place in your life.

Common signs of anxiety and stress —   

  • Difficulty in sleeping.
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Difficulty controlling the thoughts and worry
  • Nausea
  • Increased heart rate, feeling nervous.
  • Panic attacks.

This Anxiety and stress will ultimately lead to certain mental disorders; a few of them are discussed below ;

GAD ( generalized anxiety disorder ) — one of the common types of anxiety disorders characterized by uncontrollable worrying and thoughts. People will start thinking about all the bad things that can happen to them and their loved ones,  fearing losing someone, all the thoughts that don’t really exist in reality.

Panic Disorder — characterized by panic attacks which reach the peak within minutes followed by fear trembling and pounding heart. These panic attacks will make the person worrying about them happening again or not to think about that situation.

Social phobias — a High level of Anxiety when in a public gathering or avoiding these gatherings from the fear of being judged, self-consciousness, and feelings of embarrassment. 

The main goal here is to overcome our anxiety and stress levels. All you can is to ; 

  • Seek help as soon as possible. It can be harder to treat if we await.
  • Try to live your life. Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Share your problems with your loved ones.
  • Enjoy social interaction, stop worrying about being judged, or feeling embarrassed.
  • Go for a walk 
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Visit beautiful places, you may buy ticks online here Train tickets for Spain
  • Practice deep breathing, do meditations, exercises.
  • Stay Active. Get some sleep.
  • Start writing your journal that will literally help you in controlling your thoughts.

Cure through medications — Anxiety can be cured through medication. Generally, prescribed medications are SSRIs, such as Zoloft, Prozac. These are used to treat GAD, OCD ( obsessive-compulsive disorder ), Panic disorder.  

Conclusion : 

Stress and Anxiety is the leading factor of Mental disorders; you can overcome anything with constant motivation. Now, it’s your choice whether you want to overcome it naturally or through medication. Nothing in this life is impossible. Mental health really matters. Look around if someone is going through it, help them.

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