Useful Tips From Experts In Black Owned Beauty Brand Cosmetics


So it’s no wonder that the latest in cosmetic treatments comes from the Far East and straight from nature. We are talking about black-owned beauty brand.

Debunking myths about Black Cosmetics

We will start by clarifying that this type of cosmetic does not stain black-owned beauty brand, since it is one of the biggest questions among consumers, they even think that it may be a contaminated or damaged product and logically, it is not.

It should be noted that they tend to have a silky texture, soft aromas and an elegant appearance.

How does this colour appear?

The colour is given by the active principles they have, in this case, the most common is charcoal, the same one that has been used since the time of the Egyptians for its DETOX properties.

Benefits of the active ingredients


It has different functions, mostly with a purifying action:

Detoxifier: Promotes the expulsion of toxins, purifies the skin and leaves it clean and soft.

Follicular ring or pore: It ends with the follicular rings or enlarged pores that oily skin usually presents because they are responsible for removing all the accumulated dirt that obstructs them.

Antibacterial: Its richness in antibacterial and disinfectant properties, perfect to kill bacteria that have settled on the skin and that can bring about the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

Luminosity: By leaving the complexion deeply cleansed and preventing pores from clogging due to dirt and contamination, activated vegetable charcoal is the perfect ally to give an extra contribution of luminosity to the skin.


It has a powerful lifting effect, which is why it is used in anti-ageing cosmetics and is known as natural Botox. In addition, it brightens the skin and attenuates it. It is indicated for sensitive skin; they also transfer their own nutrients to the skin and help the cells to protect themselves from oxidation.


Restructures the corneal layer of the skin, thus firming the skin, and can also create an immediate lifting effect. It is a very interesting active ingredient to fight cellulite; it also hydrates, tones, repairs, protect and help in healing. For all these benefits it is a product used in skins that need more skin nutrition.


It is a natural source of calcium, in addition, this component provides healing, firming, and antioxidant protection effects, improves elasticity and is illuminating and revitalizing by adding. this active ingredient in cosmetics, we achieve the black colour, without having to add extra pigments.

More and more beauty brands run by black people (“black owned beauty brand travel themed cosmatics“) are emerging to find a place in the very clear world of beauty. Because it must be noted and pointed out: black and radicalized people are not spoiled for choice in the cosmetic departments of stores. Like many other areas, they are often under-represented in beauty. Imagine the connotation that this can convey…

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