Upgrade Your Selfie Game


It is 2021 and you may be thinking of a way to spruce up your selfie game. The ultimate selfie is still in and people all over the world remain fixated on how to achieve the perfect shot.

Glass skin, double cleansing, collagen — several skincare trends have dominated the market, backed by support from celebrities and lifestyle influencers. How do we achieve the perfect selfie? Is it worth devoting our precious time to?

This is the year of the perfectly imperfect selfie. This is when we should celebrate beauty in imperfections. It is time for us to embrace our natural beauty no matter what the Internet tells us.

What is a selfie?

By now, everyone knows what a selfie is. A selfie is a casual self-portrait that is often taken using a smartphone. These photos are often shared via social media to get “likes” and peer acceptance.

Despite this, the reasons for sharing selfies may differ from each person. Some may share to grab attention, some may serve as a life update, and some share their selfies to give themselves a confidence boost.

Why are selfies important?

The Internet is a source of thousands, if not millions, of manipulated images to appear perfect and pristine. Given our culture of showcasing our life highlights online, it is important for us to remain grounded and to remind ourselves that everyone is human. With this comes the importance of the selfie.

The selfie brings about a boost in self-confidence. As mentioned, the Internet may have a negative effect on one’s self-esteem because of the promotion of unrealistic ideals of the body. With selfies, individuals are empowered to portray their image however they please. The photographer (who is also the model) is in control of what people see and how people see these photos.

Selfies also provide a chance to get to know one’s body and physicality. It is a healthy way to promote body acceptance.

The Selfie in Quarantine

Everyone has been staying home due to quarantine protocols. While staying home most of the time, people have also been staying online almost 24/7. This provides more chances for others to see one’s posts on social media. Along with this, it also provides more time to slow down and appreciate what is being captured by the camera.

Apart from selfies evolving during quarantine, previously held meetings have now turned into video conferences, and catching up with friends at the bar has turned into video calls. This provides an avenue for us to play around with how we present ourselves in front of the camera.

So what makes a “picture-perfect” selfie? How do we communicate our natural beauty across the screen?

Elements of a Perfectly Imperfect Shot

Photography is all about light. To get your most-wanted perfectly imperfect shot, you would have to learn how to get the right lighting for your selfie. You can quickly enhance your best features under good lighting. Natural light is often a great way to go when taking a selfie.

Have you ever accidentally turned your phone camera on as you are fumbling with your apps? Not a flattering sight, right? This shows how getting the right angle is everything when it comes to taking a good selfie. Look in the mirror and play around with your angles. You will eventually find a flattering angle for your selfies.

Another factor that is often overlooked when it comes to selfies is skincare. Skincare is so basic that it shouldn’t even be mentioned anymore. Whether you are camera shy or not, skincare should be a priority simply for overall health and wellness. Find the appropriate skincare routine for you. A gentle cleanser and quality face toner may be all you need to keep your skin in tip-top shape for that beautifully natural selfie.

Lastly, don’t forget to say “cheese!” It is always a good idea to flash a genuine smile in any situation, whether in photos or in person. A pleasant smile will instantly brighten up your selfie game.

The “perfect” selfie is a perfectly imperfect one. This year, natural beauty is the way to go. Our generation should take a stand to move beyond the “Photoshopped” beauty ideals of the Internet, so we can take time to appreciate true beauty. Doing so does not mean we have to let go of taking care of ourselves, though. It is still acceptable to find our flattering angles and lighting, but we should also continue learning how to keep our health and wellness in check so that we can show our beautiful selves to the world. Glow ahead and smile!

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