Looking Good During the Pandemic: Skin Care for Staying at Home


Just because it’s a pandemic, there’s no reason for you to forget to take care of your skin. It’s something non-negotiable, especially since you’re always washing your hands and wearing face masks. There might be some irritation happening with your face if you’re always wearing masks.

Applying hand sanitizers and the frequent washing of hands are encouraged to help stifle the spread of the coronavirus, and it has. While waiting for the vaccines, there has been a slow-down in its transmission because of those following the rules in hand washing.

Washing may be an effective deterrent, but it could seriously harm your skin, which is why skin care is still important.

To make sure that your hand’s skins are replenished and prevent your skin from becoming cracked and dry, follow these tips.

Be Gentle With your Hands

You know what they say—it pays to be gentle. Always remember to use lukewarm or cool water when washing your hands. These tend to have a calming, soothing effect when you use them on your skin. Lukewarm water can be helpful when used to wash with soap.

Hot water isn’t guaranteed to be more helpful in getting rid of germs that make you sick. In fact, it’s even possible that this could harm your skin more.

You shouldn’t use antibacterial cleansers as much as you can. These aren’t useful in deflecting infectious diseases like the coronavirus. They also have chemicals that will make you sick some more, such as components that might irritate your skin some more.

Wear Gloves Instead of Using and Using Alcohol

When you’re going shopping, it is advisable to bring gloves. Even plastic or rubber gloves are recommended so that you avoid handling products directly. These can also help you avoid virus droplets on the things you touch and keep your hands in a moisturized state.

There are other ways this protects you. Disinfectants are in wide use today and are effective against bacteria. These same chemicals can be harmful to your skin. Wearing gloves keeps you away from touching surfaces directly and protects you from both chemicals and virus droplets.

Make Sure to Keep Moisturized

Keeping moisturized is an important part of caring for your skin. After washing your hands, you should dry them gently with a soft cloth. Apply a lot of moisturizers if they feel dry. Check after a minute or so and put some more if the dryness is still there.

You shouldn’t also use just any moisturizer. Choose one that’s hypoallergenic—that means it’s free of any allergens like dyes or fragrances that might just hurt your skin. This means you should also have the moisturizer near you, like in bathrooms or your bedroom.

Keep it near to you like you would your hand sanitizer. You want to be able to access the moisturizer at any time if you so wish to apply it.

Notice Which Things Have Helped During the Pandemic

When staying at home, there are a lot of things that could contribute to your having acne. Some may be because you’re wearing masks when going out (though you’re not staying at home if you’re doing this.) Others may be because of the stress of isolation and doubts whether the pandemic is subsiding.

Even then, people have started to report that their skin is clearing up, for one reason or another. This begs to ask, “why.”

It’s actually because of all the things that people aren’t doing, aside from the items they’re not placing on their skin. Some chemicals may be more harmful than helpful, which is why—as people stay more in their homes—their skins are clearing up.

Remember What Things Not to Use

Stress might be the number one contributor to acne and bad skin. More regular meals and light exercise might help clean up your skin, but that’s not the only reason you’re enjoying smooth skin.

Again, make a list of the items you used to spread or apply on your skin. Figure out which of these you’ve since removed when you started to stay at home. If you can, try to apply the others and see if they affect your skin as well.

Sometimes, it’s just the non-application of these items that can help you have clear skin.


A good-looking skin might be one of the many unexpected gifts that the pandemic has brought. While the situation isn’t good in general, some positives might be taken away from this. Learning to cope with coronavirus also begins with viewing things in a positive light.

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