Holi Festival of Colors and Health Issues


Holi is the festival of colors and we all know it. We talk a lot about all its festivities. But we forget about the health issues that people face after the festival ends. People feel very happy this day and send holi messages to loved oves. We all must celebrate Holi but health comes first before each festivity of life. Let’s discuss some drastic health issues and some prevention tips to save the health of your loved ones and yourself.

Eye infection:

The color play is targeted to everyone. No matter if the other person is ready or not. So when people throw dry color powder and colored water on each other, eyes can have a direct hit. Most of the time, colors that people use are not organic and are made of chemicals. So the eyes that will have a direct hit get itchy most of the time. Most people rub their itchy eyes after that. This act in return spreads the infection all over the eye.

To save yourself from such happening, you should wear glasses so that your eyes don’t get a direct color hit. And if you use contact lenses, don’t do it on the day of Holi. If you are not wearing glasses and get hit directly in your eyes, you must rinse your eyes right after that. In case there is any irritation, consult your doctor immediately.

Skin allergies:

During the color play, the skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Here comes some holi after effects. Because the color play takes place in open areas. With that, skin also faces color powder a lot. So the skin becomes dry. On that dry skin, when you get further color hits, it becomes itchy and may also have red spots. It is a call that you should stop being the part of color play right now and go take a shower. Otherwise, this can become the worst ever skin allergy.

To prevent your skin from such happenings, you must wear such clothes that your body remains covered at the most. After that, you should apply a quality moisturizer to your skin. Coconut oil or olive oil are the best alternatives. And are cheap too. Besides that, you should also apply sunscreen on areas of your skin that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Despite all that, in case you feel that your skin is itchy, go take a shower rapidly. Carefully rinse your body. Don’t rub your skin much. After that, dry your body with a towel and apply a quality moisturizer all over. On the itchy parts, you can also apply an ointment. In case the itching doesn’t end or spreads to other parts of the body, consult your doctor urgently.Every year after the Holi celebrations end, many people are exposed to health risks. That’s because we don’t take care of our health for the sake of entertainment for a few hours. People are also thinking about Eco-Friendly Holi.

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