How long do I have to complete Natural Health School?


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What if I live in Europe?
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How long do I have to complete Natural Health School?
Natural Health School is a self-paced course. You can take as long as you like. You can also review and repeat the material as often as you want. Reviews are a good idea since we add new material from time to time as new knowledge in the area of nutrition and health comes forward. Education, after all, should be a never-ending process.
What happens if I fail the final evaluation?
We do not use the word “fail.” All of our evaluations are for the purpose of giving you feedback regarding what you have learned. If you are not satisfied with your performance on any evaluation, you are given the information you will need to improve on your weak areas and an opportunity to take it over whenever you are ready. You can take any evaluation, including the final evaluation, as many times as you want. In this self-paced course, people may quit, but they don’t fail. The evaluations for the individual lessons are for your use only. We do not receive the results. The results of your final evaluation, however, are automatically emailed to us so we will know if you qualify for the certificate.
Is it cheating to stop during the evaluation to look up answers?
Absolutely not! The evaluations are part of the learning process. You are encouraged to look up any answer that you don’t know. You are also encouraged to “guess,” since feedback, both positive and negative, is an essential part of the learning process.
Will I get college credit for taking this course?
Probably not. This course is for informational purposes, not for college credit.
Will I be certified or licensed to practice herbalism (or naturopathy, nutrition, etc.) after completing this course?
No, completing this course will not give you a license to practice any form of medicine. In most localities, there is no official certification recognized for “herbalist” or “nutritional consultant.” However, this does vary from region to region so you should check with your local authorities before engaging in such practices.

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