Indian Desserts to Enjoy on a Sunday Morning


No one really needs a reason to eat desserts! They are the best way to add a little excitement to your meals. You’d be surprised to know that desserts have a host of health benefits too. The right indulgence can provide essential nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants to the body.So, the next time you have some sweet cravings, here are a few soul foods to try. 

  • Jalebi

This is a classic Indian dessert that can be savored anytime. These are spiral shaped, made of flour and sweet syrup. These are the only jalebi ingredients required to make this crispy sweet dish. On Sundays, you can relish this delightful snack right after breakfast. In most Indian households, they are usually served with curd or chilled rabri. Additionally, they are also garnished with saffron threads and pistachios. If you are wondering how to make jalebi, there are numerous jalebi recipe videos available online.

  • Rasmalai

Indian sweet lovers never miss an opportunity to gorge on Rasmalai because of its soft texture and delicious flavor. This is a Bengali delicacy and simply melts in your mouth. Ras means juice and malai translates to cream. They can serve as a great Sunday dessert, since you can prepare them fresh at home. All you have to do is make chhena from milk, boil the chhena discs in sugar syrup and rest them in rabri. Sprinkle with chopped nuts and serve them chilled. 

  • Kalakand

This scrumptious milk cake has a grainy texture and is extremely moist in nature. Kalakands are simple and easy to prepare. Crumbled paneer, condensed milk, cardamom powder and a handful of nuts are all you need. Although these are not usually made at home, the recipe is easy.So, if you do want to work on a Sunday, try making these sweets on your own. For centuries now, these have served as staple dishes to entertain guests on festivals. Along with learning how to make jalebi, you can learn kalakand recipes online too. 

  • MotichurLaddoo

Small boondipearls are deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup till they puff up. Later, they are pressed together and shaped into round balls and served. They are saffron colored and have a rich taste and fine texture. These are a part of almost all Indian festivals and usually prepared at home. A heavy Sunday breakfast would be incomplete without satiating your sweet tooth with soft and delicious MotichurkeLadoos.

  • GajarKaHalwa

Lovingly called gajrela, this is a slow cooked dessert, usually prepared in winter. It is prepared by simmering fresh carrots in full fat milk. Sugar, ghee and nuts also go into the making of this heavenly sweet dish. For a change of taste, Indians also use whole milk, condensed milk and khoya. These usually make the dessert rich and filling. 

GulabJamun, Rasgullas and KajuKatli are other nostalgic favorites, loved by children and adults alike.

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