NESTA and Spencer Institute Provide Solution for Fitness Professionals and Coaches Following COVID-19 Crisis


 Everyone knows that the current situation is very critical. The COVID-19 virus has created a pandemic around the world, leading to more than 70,000 deaths globally approx. There is no particular medicine available in the market still now, and the only hope for a safe future is a lockdown. Almost all the businesses have shut down, starting from private, public sectors to the hospitality sector and tourism industry. The gross economy of the world is at the bottom. People are losing their jobs, and there is economic turmoil everywhere.

In this situation, the fitness industry is not an exception. The COVID-19 pandemic has largely affected the fitness and coaching industry, even more than the other businesses in the world. How do the fitness coaches, personal trainers, gym instructors, wellness consultants, and sports coaches will provide their services? How will their clients stay fit even in their homes? Staying fit and healthy is very necessary for every situation. If you are physically fit and mentally sound, you can fight during this hard time around. 

How Did COVID-19 Affect The Fitness Industry?

As everyone is in the lockdown situation, all the gyms and fitness centers are closed. Now, what to do? The gym instructors, fitness coaches, and the trainers are shifting their gear towards the online courses and programs that will help them to train the individuals from home. 

How Is NESTA Or Spencer Institute Helping?

NESTA is giving away the entire Home Gym Profit Center for free to help get trainers and coaches set up training the clients at their home. NESTA has come with the COVID-19 business rescue plan for the personal trainers and coaches. It is 100% free. The fitness trainers can now work with the clients from home, a complete fitness training online course that help to make the home a perfect gym in this type of lockdown situation. 

No need to go out to the gym or training centers, the experts can avail this course and start providing fitness training from home. With any certification purchase from NESTA or Spencer Institute, customers will receive the complete Online Coach Training System for free.

With these online fitness courses, wellness coaches can help their clients to become fit, improve performance, and also improve their lives. The training includes yoga, martial arts, wellness coaching, Pilates, sports conditioning, and many more. If the clients need nutritional training and consulting, these courses are beneficial for them as well. 

How will the training videos help the clients?

  1. They will help in improving their endurance level
  2. They will help to develop more power
  3. They will help in improving conditioning
  4. They will help in building muscle and increase strength

While getting fitness training from home, the fitness trainers and coaches will receive lots of benefits. They will get the tax advantages, can spend more time with their family members, can do tasks that will make them happy, will have time for their workouts, do not have to visit the gym or the client’s home to provide the training, and they do not have to pay per-client fees at the fitness centers as the contractor. 

Hence, with the online fitness training programs, the coaches and gym instructors do not have to face an economic crisis. They can now work from home, train their clients, and earn money. 

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