Choose the Best Suitable Pregnancy Pillow to Get Comfortable Sleep

When it comes to pregnancy, she needs the most attention and special care as she is preparing herself each day bit by bit to bring a new life in the world. So, when she is pregnant, every family member must ensure that at this stage, she is leading a healthy and stress-free happy life. Sleep during pregnancy is essential. 

She must get a peaceful sleep of eight hours comfortably. Now, this is where she might be needing a pregnancy pillow. Moms those who have used pregnancy pillow throughout their pregnancy have chances of having no back pains then and now. These pillows provide comfortable turnovers to a pregnant body.

Types of a Pregnancy Pillow which moms-to-be Must Try

  • WedgeThese pillows are designed for multi-functional purposes; that is why they are popular among pregnancy pillows. This pillow is used after pregnancy and delivery as well as during pregnancy. It is called a Wedge pillow because of its shape, which is often similar to a wedge of cheese and is available both in triangular and round shapes.

How to use wedge pregnancy pillow?

Just place the wedge pregnancy pillow beneath your bump, and it will help and support your body while you rest. Also, you can lift back and legs through a wedge pillow.

  • Total bodyThis pillow is designed in a curved shape that curves around your body entirely and can support you on more than one side. It provides excellent support for both neck and back as well as between knees and under stomach as they are designed as C-shaped or U-shaped which cradles your body.

How to use total body pregnancy pillow?

Usually, this pillow is recommended by the doctors during the third trimester of pregnancy. It is one of the most popular types of pregnancy pillows since it offers the most support, something that most pregnant women look for as they enter their third trimester.

  • Full lengthThis kind of pillow, basically, looks the same as what you get to see in the markets as a standard pillow. This pillow is a more extended version of the regular or standard pillow. It provides you with more comfort and ease during pregnancy. It supports your baby bumps and helping your back keep straight when you place the pillow in between your knees.

How to use a full-length pregnancy pillow?

Since full-length pregnancy pillow covers and gives support to your entire body. This pillow is made from flexible fabrics and fillings so it will help you to mould your body more easily.

 Tips buying for a pregnancy pillow 

  • Size- Though pregnancy pillows are available in various sizes and shapes, you have to choose according to your requirements. Choose a pregnancy pillow according to your bed size.
  • Shape- Pregnancy pillows come in with various shapes. Some are designed to give full support to your body while others are designed to provide support to a particular area of your body.
  • Fillings- If you ever buy a pregnancy pillow, make sure your pillows filling consists of memory foam, polyester fibres, air, micro-beads, wool, etc.


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