Things You Should Know When Vaping CBD and Passing a Drug Test


With vaping increasing in popularity thanks to the legalization of CBD, the question that is now being asked is, “Will vaping CBD show up on a drug test?”.

In this article you the main topic being discussed is, does CBD Vape oil show up on a drug test? For those of you who have little to no knowledge about a CBD strain, a basic understanding of what CBD is would help.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most powerful of the active ingredients of cannabis. It is derived from either hemp or marijuana. While CBD is a component of marijuana by itself, it does not have any psychoactive effects on a human being. Furthermore, CBD exhibits no results indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.

CBD Oil From Hemp Vs. CBD From Marijuana

The CBD Vape oil is extracted from two primary plants: hemp and marijuana. You may ask, “What is the difference between these two?”. It’s safe to say we all know that marijuana is THC, meaning the CBD oil derived from weed will contain small traces of the THC.

Other than CBD taken from marijuana, a CBD oil from hemp is an entirely THC free oil making it completely user-friendly.

What Is CBD Vape Oil And Its Drug Testing?

America has become the primary market of CBD Vape oil. Whether you are a worker at a weed firm or a producer working hard for the growth of your market, the fact that you must pass the drug test is accurate for both.

If you have been asked to take a drug test before, chances are high, it was a urine test. However, there is a hair test that is otherwise more effective when detecting THC over a longer duration. Saliva and blood analysis can also be done for THC.

It is crucial to remember THC is what is mainly being hunted in a drug test. A state where weed is illegal, testing positive for traces of THC will lead to expulsion. However, in States where marijuana has been legalized, there is leniency in the workforce with drug testing.

What Is A Drug Test And What Exactly They Are Detecting?

Prior to going in-depth on drug testing, the question to ask is, “Why does one get drug tested?” The answer is that companies have a guideline they’ve followed for years.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration-SAMSA- has requirements that must be followed by a company while doing a drug test.

There is extension time between examining guidelines and admitted cut off levels for drugs in confirming trial and screening. So, the biggest question is, what exactly is being examined on what is detected in a drug test?

THC’s main effect on a human is a psychoactive or euphoric experience. The amount of THC is the key role in bringing you to that high phase, and this is definitely what the SAMHSA wants to examine.

In other words, the number one metabolite of THC, THC-COOH, is being detected by the drug tests if you have been Vaping CBD.

The highest level for THC is 50 mg/ml in urine. SO, any level beyond that cut-off point will result in testing positive.

Does CBD Hemp Oil Show On The Drug Test?

It is vital to understand that each CBD Vape oil company has its method to make CBD; some make it absolutely THC free while others may leave a small amount of it. In which it depends on if the source was cultivated from marijuana or hemp.

So it is up to the user when choosing their CBD vape oil to do thorough research on the product and get a complete understanding of where the CBD is derived. Go through the product label carefully before purchasing it.


Let’s wrap things up here now that you’re knowledgeable of the necessary steps to take when Vaping CBD and passing drug tests.

Before purchasing CBD vape oil for the betterment of your wellbeing, be sure to do the proper research on where the CBD is derived. The THC level has to be minimum to pass a drug test properly and adequately.

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