Herbal & Flower Essence Program for the Second and Third Trimesters of Pregnancy.


The experience of bringing a new life into this world is a time of great joy and excitement. Creation is taking form, and life is moving in the perfect ways of nature. Through the ages, herbs and, more recently, flower remedies have been used to make pregnancy and the birthing process less traumatic for both the mother and the child.
Alternative Health Networks, through its Cycle of Life Herbal Programs, has put together a birthing line that has had amazing results for the past 28 years. Many of the first products were developed by our company to assist the needs of one of the co-founders. In tandem with her pregnancy, Debra was teaching childbirth classes to women who were interested in exploring alternative methods of childbirth. Uses for herbs and flower remedies were a major focus of this exploration. Many practitioners of alternative childbirth methods found these herbal and flower products to be extremely beneficial.
Our product lines have evolved through the years and now include many formulas to assist a woman through pregnancy, childbirth, and the beginning of parenthood. Please download the following “Cycle of Life” (PDF) document about these and other useful herbal and flower remedy products that can assist in a truly wonderful birth. The products included in our Natural Birthing Program are:
Pre-Motherhood (two bottles) – During pregnancy many changes occur in the mother’s body, increasing her nutritional needs. This formula provides the mother with most of the important nutrients, including protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins A, B, C, and D.
Pre-Motherhood acts as a glandular activator and supplies most of the nutritional needs for the mother and developing a baby. It helps to ease “morning sickness” and, as a uterine tonic, it relaxes muscles and tones the birthing canal. We recommend that these two bottles be used during the second trimester of pregnancy. Includes a 60 day supply.
Smooth Birthing (one bottle) – Our first Deva Flower Remedy, Smooth Birthing helps the expectant mother realize that the birth of her baby is being guided by the highest powers in the universe. It promotes a sense of peacefulness and calm during all stages of the pregnancy and the birthing process. This formula helps to limit the amount of stress experienced during both pregnancy and birth.
This remedy is useful for women who have fears of possible problems such as birth difficulties, severe pain, or a lengthy delivery. Smooth Birthing helps face birth challenges or other problems with courage and lightness. Taking Smooth Birthing aids in releasing rigidity and the need for control, thus allowing the birth miracle to unfold calmly and naturally. We recommend that this bottle be used throughout pregnancy as needed and specifically during the thirty days of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Includes a 50 day supply.
Labor-Ease (one bottle) – The birthing process can be one of the most beautiful experiences that a woman can have if she is prepared and relaxed. Using Labor-Ease in conjunction with Deva Flower Remedy Smooth Birthing can dramatically improve the birthing experience. Labor-Ease contains nutrients that help relax the uterus, cervix and all muscle tissues in the general pelvic region. This formula also aids in releasing the afterbirth and speeds the postpartum recovery period. We recommend that this bottle be used during the last month to six weeks of pregnancy, prior to going into labor.

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