You May Change Your Address but Not Your Lifestyle

The class will be taught by Marian Varner, an experienced instructor with the Taoist Tai Chi Society. The society is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to making its health benefits available to all, to promote cultural exchange and to doing good works.
Ongoing classes offered by the society are underway throughout Tennessee. The Taoist Tai Chi Society is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to making Taoist Tai Chi available to all, promoting its health benefits, promoting cultural exchange and helping others. The beginning classes last three to four months, during which time beginning students receive instruction on the 108 movements of the set.
Students are encouraged to proceed at their own level in this low-impact, non-competitive activity. Tai chi is often described as moving meditation and is based on slow and continuous movements designed to restore and maintain health.
The Taoist Tai Chi Society offers classes in more than 700 locations around the world. For more information on classes or the organization, call 865-482-7761 or 865-577-1665, or visit
Maintaining independence and control is a major issue with senior adults as they grow older. Many times seniors feel frustrated and anxious as they have more needs for assistance with household maintenance, yard work, assistance with medicine and help with getting to the bank, grocery store, the doctor or dentist.
Seniors often feel frustrated or guilty calling on their families for rides or that extra help that is needed. Likewise, families feel torn with commitments between their jobs, their own children and daily activities. WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! THE OAK RIDGE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY.
We help each resident maintain maximum independence and dignity. We offer a CHOICE in our customized level of care, which is based on the need of each resident. Whether it be in an independent apartment, assisted living or early memory loss care, this allows the resident to continue making decisions with the assurance that an experienced staff is there to help when needed.
Families and residents alike can rest assured that the nursing staff is available 24 hours a day. Surrounded by familiar furnishings and a caring “community within a community,” the residents can enjoy both freedom from responsibility and the many opportunities within ORRC. We strive to meet our residents’ physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs through a variety of activities including outings, discussion groups, church services, and special performances. Tea parties trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge to see the Winterfest Lights, Bible study, book reviews, bridge, bingo, and visits to our spa or our in-house full-service beauty salon are only a small sampling of the fun and exciting activities that become part of the daily life of a resident.
Families are free to visit, enjoy a meal in the Retirement Community, or take their loved ones for a visit or a family trip. Time spent with grandparents and seniors can now be “fun times” while we help our residents maintain control of their lives by providing transportation to the doctor, dentist, grocery, and bank. While families go to work, they can be assured that the “senior” in their life has many opportunities to meet, talk with and enjoy friends sharing similar challenges and opportunities.
We invite you to call us and set up a tour of the Oak Ridge Retirement Community so you or the senior in your life can change their address, but not their lifestyle!


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New tai chi classes starting